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as·so·ci·ateverb • To connect or bring into relation; To join together as partners or colleagues; noun A person who shares actively in a business or enterprise; A partner or colleague.

-iansuffix • Occurs in a personal noun denoting one who engages in, practices, or works with.

Brian has a unique vision and expertise in organizational development and leadership that are vital to contemporary institutions as they navigate the ever-growing pressure of sustainability and growth. His work has been a huge lever for improvement and progress in the organizations I’ve seen him serve. And his work in organizational identity and brand positioning is unparalleled in my experience.

Matt Harris, ISTE Past President

“Brian’s direct, straight-talking style makes him an effective agent for change. Having the highest degree of honesty and integrity validates Brian as a trustworthy champion of mission and issues within any organization fortunate enough to secure his services.”

Michael Reinero, SeatNinja Inc.

“Brian’s sense of humor, keen ability to listen, and strong ability to gather, evaluate and synthesize information ensured that our work together was successful.”

Shelley Chamberlain, MassCUE

“Brian helped us distill what we thought was a cohesive message into a clearly defined vision, mission and brand position.”

Anthony Lilore, Restore Clothing

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